Praise for Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

OMG! Your book is brilliant ‎

What a wonderful accomplishment. We love it. We think it is an important book to have and will enrich the appreciation and creation of Japanese woodblock creating.  You have really done it!! A testament to  your skills, abilities and production and passion. We are so proud of you and happy for you!!!
Love, Susan and AG

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Your Book

You published a book of substance! What an accomplishment! I am most impressed with your organization of materials and your way with words. It is so difficult to find creative, new ways to relate history and methods, and you were truly successful. I am enjoying the prints you included, too,(and am in total awe of Bill Paden’s “Saga”). Congratulations on a work that will benefit so many for years to come. I will treasure the book, as I treasure the privilege of having met you.

My best,
Lynita Shimizu:

spotted at an art and design bookshop along the Canal St-Martin
August 20: spotted at an art and design bookshop along the Canal St-Martin, Paris!







Congratulations for your beautiful book publication. We started to stock and are selling. It is a beautifully done. Thank you for your dedication.

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Hi April,
Thank you for the book. I am very impressed. I am honored to be featured with my woodcuts. I have not stopped reading it, cover to cover. There is a lot of information, historical and technical. I am now reading the Washi section. Very interesting. You did much research, to bring to us the Japanese cultural and historical information as well as the how it is made. It gives my great respect for the technical development and the precision by which it is made. I also liked the chapter on all the artist teaching Mokuhanga in America. This will be most helpful, thinking back on how long it took me to find Bill [Paden].

You made a wonderful book that will be appreciated by many. Congratulations!

Greetings, Ursula



Dear April,
It’s wonderfully written with love and knowledge. I stayed late last night reading. I learned so many things, and I loved the chapter about the paper. You really did your research. You’re writing with so much sensitivity how things which we normally ignore like variations in humidity, temperature, light, soil composition will affect the way plants grow which in the end affect the way paper will behave. As  much as I always loved paper I will look at it with even more respect: it’s a live organism with which we cooperate.
Looking forward to have my book signed by you.
Thank you for such a great gift.
I would take it with me on a lonely island.
Love and hugs, Ana